Saturday, January 03, 2009

~ Change of Skin ~

Yeah.. again.. I change the skin of my blog. I think this is the 6th times since I started blogging. For a while, I think I want to stay with Lazy Afternoon by SuckMyLolly coz it does look good. Pastel colour with few flowers. Furthermore, Lazy Afternoon is just like me, the lazy side of me. Hahaha! Then I think I want my blog to show the real me. Dark, bitter & caramelised like a good coffee. Addicted. So I change to a skin with a coffee cup. A simple one.

And today, I decide to change again, since I notice that I'm a person who has lots of colour. A skin called You Make My Heart Go Boon by SuckMyLolly just suits my needs. Simple flower with lots of vibrant colour. Fresh. SuckMyLolly really have nice skins design for blogs. You can opt to use the ready made template, or alter a bit on the picture or you can purchase those nice one at acornglue. Wish one day, I can purchase one too. For this skin, I just change the background from pink to purplelish. I don't fancy pink... at all.

Hmmm.. I think I'm good with this skin. Hope to have it longer on board!


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