Friday, October 31, 2008

~ Masterpiece Made By Evon T ~

My Mystique Lilac

I know her thru hours of searching in the web. And our communication just thru email and sms. After almost a week since I call her, we finally met.

She is so much cuter than the photo in her blog. And her masterpiece is unique.

Her name is Evon Tan. A model. A designer. A person who loves fashion! If you do need a masquerade mask that tailor made according to your personality, do email her at

p/s: Evon, I've named the mask you did for me... Mystique Lilac.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

~ How Far Would You Go? ~

How far would you go to make people likes you? Would you gave them money to like you? Or give them gift every now and then?

And how far would you go to make the people you like to like you? Would you gave them anything in the world to have them to like you?

Hmmmmmmm...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (a long hmmmm with my index finger tapping on my chin)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

~ Miss Call & A Threat To Kill Me ~

Recently, My Digi received few missed calls from a Celcom 019 number. The first missed call, I did rang back because

- the call I received is at 1:40 am
- I thought the number belongs to one of my family in Terengganu
- usually calls that we received above 12 am means emergency

So what did I get? A humming sounds and a tone (or voice) that I don't understand. So I ignore! I ignore the call. At 4 am, My Digi rang again. The same number. A miss call. So I assume it is just a prank.

When I gladly ignore the calls, this fellow is so happy to give me few miss calls everyday. I've been receiving the calls start at 12:30 am until dawn. Yep... I'm a light sleeper. So every time my phone ring, I will jolted from my bed.

Last night, My Digi rang again at 1 am from the same Celcom 019 number. I decide to end this crazy miss calls siesta that had been bother my slumber. When I ring back, I got this

"Babi.... Cibai.... Sape lu call number saya. Saya bunuh lu satu keluarga"...

And at that point of time, my hand tremble and my heart beating really fast than ever before. I'm so fucking mad. The first thing that came into my mind is, I'M GOING TO LODGE A POLICE REPORT! There is no way for anybody to threat me like that. This is too much. Too much to digest!

This morning, I share the horrible incidents with few of my close friends . Some of them who dare enough, call the said Celcom 019 number, and they get the same message as me. So we assume the threat to kill my whole family is a voice mail. But I will not.. I repeat I WILL NOT TAKE THIS MATTER LIGHTLY. I've sent an sms to the said Celcom 019 number informing him or her that I will bring up this matter to the authority.

I don't know whether this is a way for that person to have some sick fun. If you want to joke around, go and joke around your friend. Your good friend. Not to some stranger. And in my case, I don't welcome this type of prank. I take thing like this SERIOUSLY coz I have a family to protect, and this world is already full of sick minded people.

All of you are welcome to be my friend, but if your intention to make my life miserable by doing things like this prank call with threat to kill me and my family, I WILL NOT TOLERATE AT ALL COST! We all want to live a peaceful life... so PLEASE RESPECT THAT!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Guessing Game

Nevertheless, I didn't expect that my writings making a big hu ha. Again, another writing make few of my friends having a question mark in their head. If you ask me who is the 'friend' that I've mentioned, I will say, lets play a guessing game.

The truth is I don't want to hurt people feelings. But I don't want to hurt my feelings either. And if you ask me to choose, I will pick not to hurt my feeling rather than yours. But that's life. You have to be brave enough to embrace anything in life!

... the truth is always bitter. But the bitter is a cure. Even though it is hard to swallow, it will make you better, as a person and in life.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Rich Cocoa Pudding

damn rich cocoa pudding

Since I have too much leisure time during this weekend, I decide to make this for desserts. I have this recipe quite a long time ago and it was from one of Malaysia famous recipe website, I've made some adjustment as I don't have some of the ingredients.

This is my recipe.

  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder (I used Van Houten)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup whip cream (I used Emborg)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 4 cups plain water
  • 4 table spoons corn flour
  • 2 table spoons condensed milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 3 table spoons butter (I used Golden Churn)
  • 10 grams jelly powder
1. Mix all ingredients except butter and put in on the stove with low heat
2. Stir it well so it wouldn't lump
3. Stir until the mixture getting thicker and you can see few small bubbles came out from the mixture
4. Turn off the heat and put butter in the mixture. Mix well.
5. Sieve the mixture to get a clean chocolaty thick liquid.
6. Pour into your favorite mold
7. Wait till the mixture harden.. and waaahhlaaah... you can now enjoy your rich cocoa pudding.

This is my version of choc pudding. The original recipe is by Junis11, you can get the original recipe here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

~ I Learn My Lesson ~

Hahahahahaha.. one of my writing has created an uncomfortable feeling to a friend. A friend who thought that the writing is for her. Uh uh... she's wrong! YES YOU ARE WRONG! (yeah.. I mean you.. I know you reading this)

But by admitting that my writings is actually for her, I've known her true colour. And what I've wrote is not a nice, sweet and flowery sentence. It is more to facts and a bit cruel, but it is the only way to let people know how frustrated to have a friend like that.

To her (yeah.. I mean you.. I know you reading this) I won't apologise, as you shouldn't jump to a conclusion and accused people of something that wasn't written for you. You should come to me rather than you talk to other people. You've made a mistake, but I learned a lesson.

I learned that in this world, even though we treat friends like our family, they still have that ill feeling tormented inside them. I just wish you could realise that I treasure our friendship but I've to call it quit now, since you have chose just to be a colleague than being a sister.

As I've mentioned, I learn my lesson

... dan tiba-tiba aku teringat iklan raya TV3... "HOI... BARU HABIS PUASA.... JANGAN TAMBAH DOSA...."

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Win A Free Handbag

Planet Handbag is giving 24 handbags for free in 24 hours. They are going to launch their website on 15 October 2008.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

~ Saying Bye Bye To Hee Mun ~

Me & Hee Mun

Hari nih hujan lebat, dari tengahari membawa ke petang. Malam pulak, aku dan kenkawan nak treat Hee Mun dinner kat Nikko Hotel. Hee Mun will going to Trade Finance next Monday. Maknanya, aku dah kurang satu colleague kat opis. Walaupun masih lagi berada dalam organisasi yang sama, tapi berlainan department. Sungguh tak best coz Hee Mun is a lovely lady. Tempat aku berborak, tempat aku melepaskan kegeraman and she listen... she listened well.

Jam yang langsung tak bergerak lepas Tol Senawang

Aku masih lagi dalam block leave. So aku ajak Atan pegi sekali. Jam 5:45 petang aku dah berada atas lebuhraya. Keluar dari tol Senawang, terus jam. Aku call PLUS, mamat PLUS tu kata, ada trailer accident dan melintang di tengah lebuhraya. Ya Allah! Musti aku lambat sampai nanti. Dah la dinner tu start kul 7 malam.

Jam bumper to bumper dalam tunnel di Jalan Tun Razak

Dekat 45 minit, baru la semua lorong di buka semula. Nasib baik tiada lagi halangan sepanjang lebuhraya ke KL. Lepas tol Sungai Besi, hujan turun agak lebat, so aku suruh Atan masuk SMART tunnel coz aku takut Jalan Tun Razak jam giler. Sepanjang laluan dalam tunnel lancar hinggalah lagi 500 meter nak masuk ke Jalan Tun Razak, jam bumber to bumber. Tapi nasib baik la bergerak, so aku sampai Nikko Hotel dalam pukul 8:00 malam. Tu pun selepas 2 kali masuk parking. Confuse sungguh dengan parking kat Nikko Hotel nih.

Hotel Nikko KL

Sampai jer, diorang dah habis makan. Tapi masih menunggu aku coz buffet tu start dari 7 malam dan end at 10:30 pm. So okeh la. Food is quite ok, but main course dia cam tak berapa sedap. Satay, kuah kacang dan serunding dia superb! Musim raya la gamaknya.

Irfan dengan satay nye

Candid tengah mengunyah

Atan's favourite

Atan go for sushi. Memang favourite dia sushi nih. Aku cuba gak sushi dia yang ada ikan kod tu, tapi tekak musim raya nih tak boleh nak terima. Ekekekekekeke. Irfan plak sibuk makan sate ngan nasi himpit. Other spread, ada stew daging, ada meatloaf, fresh oyster, fresh mussels, an array of cheese and varieties of cakes.

Fresh oyster yang tak bape fresh

My cheese platter

Member-member yang hadir

The food is ok. The price is quite reasonable since kitorang guna Citibank Privilege, 50% off for dine-in at Nikko Hotel. But the atmosphere is good tambah lagi dengan di kelilingi teman-teman berbual sambil ketawa.

Gosip panas

Do check Nikko Hotel promotion for this month at their website or you can click here.
note: Info of Hotel Nikko is from the hotel website

Café Serena Brasserie

For reservations, please call +60 3 2782 6228.

Friday, October 10, 2008

~ Tandas Eksklusif Kuala Terengganu ~

Raya tahun nih ada giliran Kuala Terangganu, tapi Atan terpaksa bekerja on 1st & 2nd hari raya, so terpaksa la balik Terengganu on 3rd hari raya.

Sepanjang perjalanan, aku tengok Terengganu dah makin maju, yelah kan dah bertaraf bandaraya. Aku pernah bagitau dengan Atan, masa Kuala Terengganu diiktiraf sebagai bandaraya on 1 Januari 2008, dari segi infrastruktur, KT masih jauh lagi ketinggalan jika di bandingkan dengan dengan bandaraya lain di Malaysia nih cuma dari segi jumlah penduduk memang dah bertaraf bandaraya la.

New KFC kat tengah bandar

Di Kemaman dah ada Mesra Mall. Aku tak singgah cuma nampak dari tepi jalan saja. Dah ada Giant, dah ada Toys R Us, wah ini sudah hebat! Di Kuala Terengganu sendiri, dah ada KFC baru malahan McDonald dan Secret Recipe juga sudah ada. Aku harap tak lama lagi, diorang bukak Starbucks pulak. Baru lengkap.

Yang tak ada kat KT nih dan mungkin tak mungkin akan ada ialah panggung wayang. Atan pernah kata ngan aku, dulu memang ada panggung wayang, tapi semua dah tutup. Aku rasa penduduk KT tak boleh terima kot hiburan sebegitu, tapi mana la tau kan, kok ada tokey pawagam yang nak bukak kat sana skang nih. Yelah, zaman dah maju, KT pun dah ramai anak-anak muda yang suka dengan hiburan sedemikian.

Signboard TE berdekatan Stesen Bas Tanjung

Tapi yang aku nak citer nih, bukan pasal tu semua, yang buat aku terkujat, ialah aku terjumpa satu signboard yang tertulis, Tandas Eksklusif. Perghhhh nih hebat nih. Dan di sebabkan nak sangat tengok betapa eksklusifnya tandas nih, aku pun bayar la 50 sen untuk masuk.

TE yang cantik

Di kelilingi lampu-lampu yang indah lagi

Verdict? Tandas dengan modern concept. Tandas dia dalam bilik-bilik kecil cam hotel plak aku tengok. Bersih dan banyak wash basin yang belum keluar dari plastiknya. So ini menunjukkan yang tandas nih masih baru. Cuma yang tak sedapnya, pam tandas rosak, hos air atas lantai... eeeeuuuwww nih sumer yang tak best nih.

Ruang dalam TE

Eksklusif dari segi rupa paras tapi tahap perkhidmatan masih sama. Walau bagaimanapun, it's waaaaaayyy better than other public toilet in KT. Hahahahahahahaha!

Tandas Ekslusif Kuala Terengganu
(terletak bersebelahan Stesen Bas Tanjung, berdepan dengan Dataran Syahbandar)
Bayaran: RM0.50 (buang air) & RM2.00 (mandi, siap ada towel lagi)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

~ A Friend Who Loves To Lie ~

I have a friend. A friend who really loves to lie. She will lie almost to everybody. Even to her parents.

She lies about having a pocket full of money, when the truth is she always love to borrow money from friends. She lies about her steady boyfriend is ready to tie the knot, when the truth is her boyfriend is just a loser with no job and always go for job hopping. She lies about not having an intimate affair with a married guy, when the truth is she loves to tell everyone how proud she is going out with a married guy who looks like a father to her and go for 'sedap-sedap'. She lies and lies and lies and lies infinity. She also lies to herself. Saying that she look good in those skimpy clothes. She rather bought an XS size even though she wear an M size.

As a friend, I'm yet to confront her about her bad attitude. As I still feels that she lie to protect herself. She lie because she need to. But recently, I've already overwhelmed by her disgusting attitude. I feel annoyed when she tell me stories that I know was made up from a bucket of lies.

The truth is, this is what I feel. I feel that she lie because she need to be par with everyone else. She lies because she need to look good like everyone else. She lies because she wants to be like everyone else.

Today, here, right now, I did wonder why she like to lie all the time....especially to herself. Don't she know that starting from a small lie it will end up to be a bigger one?

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