Tuesday, October 28, 2008

~ Miss Call & A Threat To Kill Me ~

Recently, My Digi received few missed calls from a Celcom 019 number. The first missed call, I did rang back because

- the call I received is at 1:40 am
- I thought the number belongs to one of my family in Terengganu
- usually calls that we received above 12 am means emergency

So what did I get? A humming sounds and a tone (or voice) that I don't understand. So I ignore! I ignore the call. At 4 am, My Digi rang again. The same number. A miss call. So I assume it is just a prank.

When I gladly ignore the calls, this fellow is so happy to give me few miss calls everyday. I've been receiving the calls start at 12:30 am until dawn. Yep... I'm a light sleeper. So every time my phone ring, I will jolted from my bed.

Last night, My Digi rang again at 1 am from the same Celcom 019 number. I decide to end this crazy miss calls siesta that had been bother my slumber. When I ring back, I got this

"Babi.... Cibai.... Sape lu call number saya. Saya bunuh lu satu keluarga"...

And at that point of time, my hand tremble and my heart beating really fast than ever before. I'm so fucking mad. The first thing that came into my mind is, I'M GOING TO LODGE A POLICE REPORT! There is no way for anybody to threat me like that. This is too much. Too much to digest!

This morning, I share the horrible incidents with few of my close friends . Some of them who dare enough, call the said Celcom 019 number, and they get the same message as me. So we assume the threat to kill my whole family is a voice mail. But I will not.. I repeat I WILL NOT TAKE THIS MATTER LIGHTLY. I've sent an sms to the said Celcom 019 number informing him or her that I will bring up this matter to the authority.

I don't know whether this is a way for that person to have some sick fun. If you want to joke around, go and joke around your friend. Your good friend. Not to some stranger. And in my case, I don't welcome this type of prank. I take thing like this SERIOUSLY coz I have a family to protect, and this world is already full of sick minded people.

All of you are welcome to be my friend, but if your intention to make my life miserable by doing things like this prank call with threat to kill me and my family, I WILL NOT TOLERATE AT ALL COST! We all want to live a peaceful life... so PLEASE RESPECT THAT!


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