Tuesday, October 07, 2008

~ A Friend Who Loves To Lie ~

I have a friend. A friend who really loves to lie. She will lie almost to everybody. Even to her parents.

She lies about having a pocket full of money, when the truth is she always love to borrow money from friends. She lies about her steady boyfriend is ready to tie the knot, when the truth is her boyfriend is just a loser with no job and always go for job hopping. She lies about not having an intimate affair with a married guy, when the truth is she loves to tell everyone how proud she is going out with a married guy who looks like a father to her and go for 'sedap-sedap'. She lies and lies and lies and lies infinity. She also lies to herself. Saying that she look good in those skimpy clothes. She rather bought an XS size even though she wear an M size.

As a friend, I'm yet to confront her about her bad attitude. As I still feels that she lie to protect herself. She lie because she need to. But recently, I've already overwhelmed by her disgusting attitude. I feel annoyed when she tell me stories that I know was made up from a bucket of lies.

The truth is, this is what I feel. I feel that she lie because she need to be par with everyone else. She lies because she need to look good like everyone else. She lies because she wants to be like everyone else.

Today, here, right now, I did wonder why she like to lie all the time....especially to herself. Don't she know that starting from a small lie it will end up to be a bigger one?


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