Saturday, December 13, 2008

~ Farewell SRC 2008 ~

We do haved a blast of hell of good times organizing some stuff for the staff. Even the effort was not recognised nor appreciated, we still did our very best to give something for them.

We are bidding farewell to the wonderful SRC 2008 team today. We called it a CAP Year End Party cum Birthday Bash for July - December Babies cum Christmas Party. Whatever we called the gathering, I personally felt this high tea is a closure for all the jobs well done by us!

We bid farewell and we welcome the new SRC 2009. May they will come with more fantastic ideas for future events.

Me personally, would like to convey a very big THANK YOU to my fellow friends in this 2008 committee, Norhayati, Tracy Cheong & Azea Atiqah for their continous effort in making all our planning a success!



I'm Free said...

Laaa...aku ingat ada pokok kat belakang ko...rupa2 nya ko bertanduk..hahaha

Batdeaz ~ i'm keeping the other half said...

tu tanduk Rudolph the Raindeer tu..

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