Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jalang-Jalang Kuala Terengganu Part One

aa aa... nope.. the Jalang-Jalang doesn't stands for 'the unmoral people'... jalang-jalang here means jalan-jalan in Bahasa Melayu... which in Terengganu... they will put a 'G' almost at all sentences that ends with 'N'.

Part One of The Jalang-Jalang - Pasar Payang

Boats to Pulau Duyung

Boats to Pulau Duyung

Pink trishaw infront of Pasar Payang

Local delicacies, Kuih Pau. Chicken Curry flavor for only 80 sen? Wohooo... where can you get the same price in KL

View inside of Pasar Payang

(photo quite blur)
Few of items that sold at Kedai Payang, I manage to grab 1 pending (women belt made from silver/stainles steel)

Famous copper of Trengganu. Used in Malay wedding ceremony or any kenduri etc.

Mold for making kuih bakar & kuih bahulu (a traditional Malay delicacies)

Mantis Prawn & hell yeah... scallops. Fresh and smells like ocean.

Have you ever seen this fish? It was called Ikan Bayan. Yeah, it is blue in colour.

Small crabs

I think.... this fish is called Kerapu

Fresh prawn from the sea

Nope... it is not a ping pong ball. Another famous product of Trengganu, turtle eggs. Don't ask me how it taste... I wouldn't dare to try it

... to be continue


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