Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Handmade Chocolates From Seremban

As usual, when my good friend insomnia comes to visit me, I will always have plenty of times to surf around the net. And today, I was introduced to a good site that will make you eeemmmm hhmmmmmm. For chocolate lovers, do check it out.

It is not Patchi, nor Godiva.. they called themselves 'Haniez's Chocolate'. The fact that they are new, local and Muslim made, I'm so glad to see that they offered chocolate truffles. A kind of chocolates that I indulge the most.

Choc Truffle - 4 in a box

Gift Set

Gift Set special for wedding gift @ hantaran

Their own signature truffles range

Hey, check them out at Haniez's Chocolate and support our own Malaysia product.


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