Monday, June 02, 2008

~ I Hate Chat Rooms ~

yep.. really & totally a big hate. Here's why. (all the Tut.. should be read and sounds like tttttttuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttt)

First scenario:
Abang Tut: Hi
Me: Hi
Abang Tut: Care for sexy chat?
Me: Nope.
Abang Tut: Why sweety?
Me: I don't sexy chat with ugly guy
Abang Tut: HOW DO YOU KNOW I'M UGLY? (irritated already)
Me: Only ugly people ask for sexy chat in their second line of conversation.
Me: Click, block person.

Second scenario:
Bro Tut: Hey babe
Me: Hey there
Bro Tut: asl pls
Me: 33/f/sban
Bro Tut: Sban? Apa tu?
Me: Tak tau sban? U dari mana? Foreigner?
Bro Tut: Tak le. I dari Kelantan.
Me: So patut tau la Sban nih.
Bro Tut: Sban nih apa?
Me: Sban kat Negeri Sembilan (already irritated)
Bro Tut: Yelah tapi apa?
Me: (thinking, I already told him Sban is in Negeri Sembilan, at this point, one should know Sban is Seremban) Sban tu Seremban, takkan tak tau. Kata bukan foreigner. Kalau dok Mesia mesti tau.
Bro Tut: Sape suruh taip Sban, sape yang tak tau. Tak boleh ke taip Seremban. Sekolah tinggi-tinggi pun tak pandai taip.
Me: Sape pulak yang guna chat room taip the whole words. Memang i sekolah tinggi sebab tu I pandai, ko tu yang bangang. Kelantan buddddduuuuhhhhhh.
Me: Click, block person.

- no offence to Kelantanese. This is just for one of the Kelantanese (or he just claim he is a Kelantanese) who don't know what Sban is.

The last scenario (just happen to me last two days):
Jonny Tut: Hi Moon
Me: Hey there
Jonny Tut: Care to chat
Me: (I never answer this question. Why? If u say no, they still sent msg to u)
Jonny Tut: So tell me sweety, are u asian muslim women?
Me: Yes, I am Asian Muslim Woman.
Jonny Tut: Wow. That's great.. I hope to find an honest asian muslim women here.
Me: (thinking, why keep on using women? I'm the only one here... aiyaaaahhh) It depends.
Jonny Tut: Almost all asian women here is not honest. I hope you are not one of them sweety. My name is Mohd Tuttttttttttttttttttttttttttt just came back from states after 8 years.
Me: (honest kunun, nama Mohd Tuttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, nickname Jonny Tut, ceh! Talk about being honest!) U can count on me about being honest
Jonny Tut: Thank God. I want them to be honest with me.
Me: I thought in this world wide web chat room, you shouldn't trust people, and it is a normal thing for not being honest in the chat room.
Jonny Tut: I don't agree on that. Not everybody. Tell me are u married sweety?
Me: (still typing)
Jonny Tut: Coz I keen for a single female sweety
Me: I am married. Happily married.
Jonny Tut: If you are married why are you here sweety?
Me: Errr... can you stop calling me sweety?
Jonny Tut: Why? Girls love to be called sweety all the time. That how it use to be in states.
Me: First, I don't like to be called sweety at our first time conversation. Second, u in Malaysia, not states. So drop it.
Jonny Tut: Hey you are so tempered. I'm not keen to talk to a tempered women.
Me: (Tempered women? what a word!) You told me to be honest. I'm just being myself. I am married, I'm in the chat room waiting for my friend to sign on but you being so itchy bitchy so-called honest guy buzz me. I'm a Malaysian, I'm not rude. If you say hello to me, I will hello back. Start from the first line till now, you keep on addressing that you are not keen of this, you are keen of that.. it's all about you. Listen, if you want nice single muslim woman like you and be honest to you, please don't use those I'm keen word anymore. And hey, you know what, I am a sweet looking lady, please refer to my picture profile, and I don't need you to "keen" me to be a friend. Hey, log off and go out, find your self a real person in a real world.
Me: Click, block person.

Tell me how not to hate chat room!


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