Wednesday, October 03, 2007

~ My Wishes ~

I’d like to go forward in time to see first hand futuristic cities soar into the skies, all crystalline and made of polished metal. Ideally, I’d like to be roused on a hammock on a tropical beach, where the sand is powder-white and the sea the deepest sapphire-blue, but almost immediately I’d have to dress, go out and attend a secret espionage meeting; If I thought about it, I really need a big case of cash. No questions asked, and sometimes I wish I was the best patisserie chef since Anton Careme invented caramel. I’d like to have a power to cast spells, binding and real spells, and it would be amazing to hang out on an island of my own in some far-off tropical sea, one never touched by human contact. Pets? I’d like to have a penguin, so brave and resourceful, and yet so funny at the same time. Finally, I’d like to throw a beach party where the limbo is optional, and maybe I’d invite an angel along, to bring a blessing on everyone there.


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