Friday, February 13, 2009

~ Tag From Ana ~

Seperti yang aku katakan hari tu, Ana telah mentag aku dengan 5 Things I Can't Stand. Tapi hari tu aku tengah busy dengan house warming di Masak Apa Moon, so tertangguh la kejap tag ini. Hari nih ada rasa sket senang untuk menjawab tagging mu ini Ana. Hehehehehe

So here is the 5 Things I Can't Stand.

1. I Can't Stand - Bad Body Odour. Memualkan dan seriously make me sick. Diorang nih tak tau ke ada benda called deodorant. Go and get one!

2. I Can't Stand - Stinky Mouth. Huhuhu.. esspecially does garlic smells after lunch. Yuckssss! There is one man made marvel called mint! It's cheap and refeshing, use it!

3. I Can't Stand - Hypocrete People. Always trying to be in par with others by keep telling lies one after another. Just be yourself.

4. I Can't Stand - Waiting For Others or Others Waiting For Me. My habit, I will make sure the person that I'm going to meet will be there at the exact time by calling them 15 minutes early saying that I've arrived. My wrist watch also shows 20 minutes early that the actual time.

5. I Can't Stand - Tagging With Other People For Too Long. I love making friends, so I don't need any friends who wants to keep me just for themselves.

So that's it Ana! There my answer. And now this tag goes to...


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