Saturday, November 08, 2008

~ A Pat On The Back ~

A long hour of training and memorizing the steps has come to an end. The agony of 3 months training end up in the most memorable night. A Night of A Thousand Masks.

We meet up as early as 12 noon at the Hilton KL lobby. I'm the first one to be there, followed by Sandra, Syah and Weng Khong. Radin come to join us later. Almost 12:30 everyone is here except for Fyda and Zul who was stuck in a traffic jammed somewhere in Ampang.

We adjourned to check on the stage. Even we have known that the stage will measure at 30' x 16', we are still shocked to see it being small and rather kinda hummmm low... 2 feet from the floor. Nevertheless, that won't give us any problem. As the time slot for the 1st rehearse was given to Trade Finance, we only go for no music training.

The committee came and told us that we can go ahead with the rehearsal since the Trade Finance performers will be late. But we are not complete either; we still have to wait for Fyda and Zul. In the midst of no music rehearsal, Fyda came and join us. We can't wait for Zul anymore, and decide to have a full rehearsal. The rehearsal went smoothly and the performers are enjoying their moves. 5 minutes later, Zul arrived.

Johanna came to see the rehearsal and will help me with make up. After 30 minutes on stage, we went to take our lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop in KL Sentral. Back to the room after a hefty lunch, the performers start to prep themselves. Everybody take turn to shower. The make up artist for this event will be Johanna and me. My o my, it took us a 4 1/2 hours to complete the goth looks for them. But the result? You can see it yourself from the photo. It is just so awesome!

Around 8 pm, we make our way to the Grand Ballroom. And trust me when I say that we cause a stir once we are in the event area. I need not to say more... 12 goth-look 'ghost and ghoul' walking slowly in their character. We met our big boss at the front door and snap a few pictures with her. As we enter the ballroom, the performers were sat in one table, no 29.

They will be the 2nd group to perform. The mc of the event, Jeremy, interview Radin on his costume. It seems the team has made up as the most happening group during the event. With their Gothic look and their red, black and white costume. When their time to perform the floor really cheering up for them. The Thriller Nightmare is what we call the dance. You know when the show is a success when the floor is giving a big applause when the show ended. And that is the time when I feel personally, what I have gone through and the hassle throughout these 3 months to get the show on stage paid off.

A pat on the back is what I need. A pat on the back for a job well done!


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