Monday, February 04, 2008

~ Year of The Rat ~

A dear friend of mine send me the Chinese prediction for the new lunar year... even though I'm not really a believer in such prediction... but few phrases in the prediction do make me smile... reaaaalllllyyy smile...

No 1

Observe what happens to you on the 4th February 2008 and if good things happen then it means that it will be a fantastic year !

- This morning so happens I saw my muse. We don't share any words. We don't share any intimate moments. Just becoz my cough (I do cough badly due to bad wheather), he looks at me and pass me a cough drops. Me being a polite lady, take it and say thank you with a smile. psssstttt... I do have the exactlly the same cough drops in my purse. hehehehehehehe... at least I know he use the same cough drops as me.

No 2

The combination of “Wu and Zi” will make the rat year a year of unwanted romance (scandals), diseases/bacteria and money

- Unwanted romance? Scandals? sigh..... I 'do not really' (hehehehehehe) wanted any unwanted romance this year, but it feels so refreshing to have such crush. I'm 32, married and errr happy? Yup... what is marriage life without arguments. I still claim I'm happy with my dearest hubby. Just this small stupid crush does make me feel alive!

I'm borned under the sign of Rabbit. Some prediction said this year will be a smooth year for Rabbit. Other prediction says it will not be so auspicious. I still holds to No 1 above, I start my day, today, 4 Feb 2008, with a big smile on my face. Thanks for my so-called muse. I will start the year of Rat with smooth flow and it will be a fantastic year!

Happy Chinese New Year everybody!


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